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Musical composer, born in 1550 at Coccaglia, near Brescia; died at Rome 1599. His chief legacy to the musical world are his books of madrigals. His first collection was published in 1581 and was dedicated to Alphonse d'Este, the duke of Ferrara. Many of his 159 Madrigals and Motets have been translated into modern notation by Proske. A number of madrigals were published in 1588 in "Musica Trans-Alpina"; this collection became immediately popular. A "Mass" in eight parts is well known, and is worthy to be classed with the "Masses" of more illustrious church musicians. In a collection called "Villanelle e Arie alla Napolitana" he has left 113 exquisite madrigals and motets for three and four voices. The most notable of his compositions may be found printed in modern notation by Proske in "Musica Divina", II (Ratisbon, 1853).

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William Finn.