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A titular see of Pamphylia Prima, known by its coins and the mention made of it by Dionysius, Perieg. 858, Ptolemy, V, 5, S, and Hierocles. Its exact situation is not known, nor its history; it may be the modern small town of Seidi Shehir, in the vilayet of Konia. The "Notitiae episcopatuum" mentions Lyrba as an episcopal see, suffragan of Side up to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Two of its bishops are known: Caius, who attend the Council of Constantinople, 381, and Taurianus at Ephesus, 431 (Le Quien, "Oriens christianus", I, 1009); Zeuxius was not Bishop of Lyrba, as Le Quien states, but of Syedra.

The ruins are south-east of Kiesme, vilayet of Koniah; there have been found some inscriptions, tombs, and the remains of a Byzantine church.

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S. Pétridès.