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Statesman, b. at Stans, Canton of Unterwalden, Switzerland, 1529; d. there 14 Nov., 1606. Even in his youth he filled various offices, took part in the campaigns of 1557 and 1573, and was afterwards ten times high bailiff of his native canton. He was often an emissary of the Confederacy at Stans, as well as in France, Spain, etc. In particular he represented, along with Abbot Joachim Eichhorn of Einsiedeln, the Catholic cantons of Switzerland at the Council of Trent. He arrived there 16 March, 1562, and stayed till June, 1563. He promised on oath, in the name of the Catholic confederates, to adopt and maintain the decisions and regulations of the council. Always mindful of this and filled with zeal for the improvement of the Church's condition, he was from that time tirelessly engaged in bringing about the full accomplishment of the council's decrees in Switzerland. Already in 1564 he resolutely made himself responsible for them; and afterwards he never lost sight of these matters, and never failed to raise a warning voice. Lussy was a friend of St. Charles Borromeo, with whom he had much correspondence, and who also invited him in 1570 to Stans. Lussy zealously arranged the establishment of a papal nunciature to Switzerland, and when bishop Giovanni Francesco Borromeo of Vercelli arrived in 1579 as nuncio and visitator, Lussy vigorously supported him. He also always gave hearty support to subsequent nuncios. In 1583 he made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, of which he published an account. Lussy founded the Capuchin monastery at Stans. After 1596 he retired from active office and piously prepared himself for death.

F. G. Mayer.