Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Notitia Provinciarum et Civitatum Africae

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Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11
Notitia Provinciarum et Civitatum Africae by Johann Peter Kirsch

(List of the Provinces and Cities of Africa).

A list of the bishops and their sees in the Latin provinces of North Africa, arranged according to provinces in this order: Proconsularis, Numidia, Byzacena, Mauretania Caesariensis, Mauretania Sitifensis, Tripolitana, Sardinia. The cause of its preparation was the summoning of the episcopate to Carthage, 1 February, 484, by the Arian King of the Vandals, Hunerich (477-84). It names also the exiled bishops and vacant sees, and is an important authority for the history of the African Church and the geography of these provinces. It is incorporated in the only extant manuscript to the history of the Vandal persecution by Bishop Victor of Vita, and is printed in the editions of this work.

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