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Olivetans (cf. C. E., XI—244d).—The sixth centenary of the foundation of the order was celebrated in 1919. At the general chapter held at Monte Oliveto in June, 1920, a new procurator general, Dom Lugano, was elected, and the election confirmed according to the rules formulated by Clement XII in 1733. Tha abbot general is Dom Mauro Parodi. The monastery of Lendinara, in the Diocese of Adria, was erected into an abbey by brief of 15 Dec., 1920, and Dom Celestino Mari Colombo, prior of the monastery and rector of the famous sanctuary of Notre Dame del Pilastrello, which adjoins it, was named abbot by the Pope himself and received the abbatial blessing from Bishop Rizzi, 21 Dec., 1920. This sanctuary, confided to the Olivetans, was erected into a minor basilica by Pius X, 15 Feb., 1911. In 1912 the Olivetans had 4 abbeys (3 in Italy and 1 in Carniola), 2 priories (in Italy), and 3 residences (2 in Italy and 1 in Istria). There were 124 members, of whom 72 were priests, 24 clerics and novices, and 28 Brothers. The French houses are now dispersed.