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Titular see, suffragan of Anazarbus in Cilicia Secunda. It never really depended on Anazarbus but on Seleucia in Isauria, as is evident from the Greek text of the "Notitiæ Episcopatuum" of Antioch in the sixth and tenth centuries ("Echos d'Orient", 1907, X, 95, 145), where the city figures as Oropa or Oroba, and from the Latin translation where it is called Oropus ("Itinera Hierosolymitana", Geneva, 1880, I, 334). Oropus is no other than Olba, suffragan of Seleucia, annexed with the Province of Isauria to the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the eighth century, and mentioned in the "Notitiæ" of Leo the Wise and of Constantine Porphyrogenitus. (See Olba.)