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B. in the Duchy of Lancaster, England; d. in August or September, 1423. Having been ordained priest in December, 1383, he became fellow of Queen's College, Oxford (1391-1403), holding office in the college, and proceeding doctor of divinity in 1394. In 1408 he became chancellor of the university and in the same year wrote at the request of the Bishop of Salisbury a sketch of proposed ecclesiastical reforms: "Petitiones pro ecclesiae militantis reformatione". He also wrote a commentary on the Creed (1409), one on the Psalms (1415), another on the Canticle of Canticles (1415), and "Defensorium donationis ecclesiasticae", a work in defence of the donation of Constantine. At the request of Archbishop Courtenay he wrote a treatise, "De officio militari", addressed to Henry, Prince of Wales. From 1403 he held the prebend of Oxford in Salisbury cathedral, and from 1407 the rectory of Beeford in Yorkshire.

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