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Born at Montegranaro, 1540; died at Ascoli, 12 October 1604. Felix de Nicola was born of a poor, pious family, and in his youth was employed as a shepherd, an occupation which gave him much leisure for prayer and other pious exercises. Upon the death of his parents, he was subjected to harsh and cruel treatment by his eldest brother. At the age of sixteen, he entered the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin and received the name Seraphin. He was distinguished from the first by his unaffected simplicity, mortification, and obedience as well as charity which towards the poor knew no bounds. He had a special devotion to the Blessed Eucharist and to Our Lady. Seraphin was endowed with the gift of reading the secrets of hearts, and with that of miracles and prophecy. Although unlettered, his advice was sought by secular and ecclesiastical dignitaries, and was a fruitful source of virtue to souls. His tomb is in the Capuchin friary at Ascoli. He was canonized by Clement XIII, 16 July, 1767. His feast is celebrated in the Franciscan Order on 12 October.

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Ferdinand Heckman.