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A titular see in Phrygia Pacatiana, suffragan to Laodicea. Trapezopolis was a town of Caria according to Ptolemy (V, 2, 18) and Pliny (V, 109); according to Socrates (Hist. eccl., VII, xxxvi), Hierocles (Synecdeus, 665, 5), and the "Notitiae episcopatuum" it was a town of Phrygia Pacatiana and among the suffragans of Laodicea until the thirteenth century. Nothing is known of its history. Its coins testify to close intercourse with Attouda, now Assar, and its site must be sought near this town, most probably at Kadi Keui, capital of a nahie in the sandjak of Denizli and the vilayet of Smyrna. Le Quien (Oriens christ., I, 809) names six bishops of Trapezopolis: Hierophilius, prior to 400; Asclepiades, present at the Council of Ephesus (431); John, at Chalcedon (451); Eugenius, at Constantinople (692); Zacharias, at Nicaea (787); Leo, at Constantinople (879).

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S. Pétridès.