Catholic Hymns (1860)/Sing, Sing, ye Angel Bands

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50. Sing, Sing, ye Angel Bands.

Sing, sing, ye Angel bands,
All beautiful and bright;
For higher still, and higher,
Through the vast fields of light,
Mary your Queen ascends,
Like the sweet moon at night.

A fairer flower than she
On earth hath never been;
And, save the throne of God,
Your heav'ns have never seen
A wonder half so bright
As your ascending Queen.

O happy Angels! look,
How beautiful she is!
See! Jesus bears her up,
Her hand is lock'd in His;
Oh, who can tell the height
Of that fair Mother s lies

And shall I lose thee, then,
Lose my sweet right to thee
Ah, no!—the Angel's Queen
Man's mother still will be,
And thou, upon thy throne,
Will keep thy love for me