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Dear Channel Nine;

This is the Zodiac speaking. You people in LA are in for a treat. In the next three weeks you are finally gona have something good to report. I have decided to begin Killing again—PLEASE hold the applause! Nothing is going to happen until I do. You people just wont let me have it Any other way. I plan to kill five people in the next three weeks (1) Chief piggy Darrel Gotes (2) Ex Chief piggy Ed Davis (3) Pat Boone—his theocratic crap is a obscenity to the rest of the world! (4) Also Eldrige Cleaver—the niggers gotta get their 20% quota—after all. And Susan Atkins—The Judas of the Manson Family. Shes gonna get hers now. Hey———you actors—this is your lucky Break. Remember—whoever plays me has to their work cut out for him. See you in the News!

Zodiac Killer symbol.svg

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