Chapters From the New Apocrypha/The Light

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Now it was nightfall as Jesus drew near unto a strange city;
And there were with him Peter, and James, and John, and certain others of the disciples.
And they were overtaken by darkness at the gate of the city, and there was none to guide them unto the house of that disciple with whom they purposed to abide.
Then Peter saith unto Jesus, Master, show us the way.
But Jesus, answering, saith unto him, Tarry here a while till we find some man to guide us.
Then murmured the disciples among themselves, and Peter saith unto him, Master, thou art the way; canst thou not show us the way?
Jesus, answering, saith again unto Peter, Tarry here a while.
Now while they tarried by the gate of the city, there drew nigh unto them a man bearing a torch.
And Jesus saith unto the disciples, Behold, this man shall guide us.
But when he was come unto them the disciples perceived that he was a publican.
And when Jesus saith unto them, Follow on, they murmured yet again among themselves;
And Peter saith unto Jesus, Master, seest thou what manner of man this is to guide thee?
Jesus saith unto him, I see.
Peter saith again, Master, is it meet that this man should guide us who is a publican and a sinner?
Jesus saith unto Peter, Follow on; for it is not the man we follow, but the light.
And while they sat at meat in the house of this disciple, Jesus saith unto them:
Not every one that beareth the light is of the light; but he that followeth the light, he it is who is of the light.