Chapters From the New Apocrypha/Who Is His Mother?

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While Jesus sat at meat in the house of one of his disciples a certain lawyer came unto him.
And there came also in with him a woman.
And the lawyer said unto Jesus, Behold this woman whom thou seest is mother unto him with whom thou sittest at meat.
She is now old and well stricken in years, insomuch that she can no longer labor, and she hath none to provide for her.
And thy disciple suffereth not his mother to come into his house.
I pray thee, therefore, to command him to harken unto the voice of this woman, that she abide with him so long as she liveth.
Jesus said unto the disciple, Is this woman thy mother?
Then the disciple answering said unto Jesus, Master, she it was indeed who gave me birth.
But after I was born she left me to follow a life of pleasure, and another took me in and cared for me.
And that other lyeth ill even now in an upper chamber of this mine house, and I minister unto her daily and comfort her.
Jesus saith unto the lawyer, Thou hast heard what has been said—what sayest thou?
Then the lawyer answered, Can a man have two mothers? This woman whom I have brought unto thee, she is his mother.
Jesus saith unto him, Nay, not so. After the fashion of this world was he born of her.
That which is born of flesh is flesh. She gave him body and he shall give unto her meat.
But unto her who gave him love shall he give love; and who gave him a home in his youth shall he give a home in her old age.
For verily I say unto you, she only is a mother who is motherly.
Love only is love that is lovely.
God only is God being godly.
And I only am Christ being christly.