Charles Harte letter to Lionel Walter Rothschild

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Charles Harte letter to Lionel Walter Rothschild  (1899) 
by Charles Harte

A letter written in 1899 to the Hon. Lionel Walter Rothschild (later Lord Rothschild) by Charles Harte, Impressario to Mademoiselle Paula.

Mddle Paula, The Famous Reptile Conqueror. Conquering Fierce Crocodiles & Alligators.

Royal Aquarium

Feb 15th/99

Hon L. W. Rothschild

Honrd Sir

Having a conversation with Dr Stradling, Re – serpents, he advised me to write you. I have a very fine specimen, A. Reticulator, about fifteen feet long, a really magnificent snake, and as you know, very scarce, I don't know whether there is another in England, they are so rare. The reason I am selling him is I am pressed for room, as I have so many Indian Pythons, which are more suitable for handling in Mdlle Paula's performance.

He can be seen any time by appointment; or, I will send him on to you. Pardon the liberty in writing, but hearing of your very fine park at Tring, I thought you would like him.

Awaiting the favour of your reply.

I am Honrd Sir

Your Obedient Servant

Charles Harte

Impresario from

Mdlle Paula

The only act of its kind in the world. The sensational attraction of the Royal Aquarium London for 15 consecutive months—1890-1. On the termination of my successful & brilliant engagement was presented by the President of the Royal Aquarium with the Society's Gold Medal. (Cap't James Swan, Impressaria)

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