Charles Sheeler to William Macbeth, 1910 Sept. 26

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September 26th 1910

My dear Mr. Macbeth

I found your note awaiting me on my return to town last Wednesday - the pictures I recieved Saturday.

I was surprised and sorry that you failed to recognize the merits of my pictures. It was not possible to continue to repeat the things one has done - there must always be elimination of the essentials and the striving after greater qualities, and to more forcefully present the essentialism or stagnation must result.

You say you hope it is only an experiment — every one who is sincerely trying to solve the enormous difficulties of artistic expression is an experimenter [page 2] and remains so, as long as he is "artistically alive." I regret that you do not care to show my pictures at this time.

Very truly yours,
C. R. Sheeler
1626 Chestnut St.

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