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Child's picture book  (1840s) 






Here is a picture of a Ship. All her sails are spread and she is ready to go over the sea; perhaps to London or Paris.

Here is a Cat catching Mice. The cat mews and purs.

Here is a Dog. The dog growls and barks.
See what a fine fish. There are a great variety of fishes in the sea, also in Lakes, Rivers and Ponds. They are sometimes caught with a hook, and sometimes with a net. Fishermen will often take several hundred at a time with a net, and will load a boat or ship in a short time. Many consider it good sport to go fishing.
Here is a Farmer's house.—A Cow stands before their door, and the Farmer's wife or daughter is milking in a pail, see how still she stands to be milked. Butter and Cheese is made from milk.
See what a fine Field Pea. Peas make good food for men.
Here is the leaf and flower of the Catalpa; a splendid tree which grows in the southern states.
This is a Mexican, and his Horse. His Horse is dressed very fine. The Mexicans are very fond of making a great display.
What a fine Watermellon, who would not like to eat a good rich Watermellon? They grow in all parts of the United States. In New England they are generally small, but large in the middle and western states.
The Hoopoe. This splendid bird exists all over Europe.
Above is the picture of the Fennec, a native of Algiers.—Its favorite food is Dates; but it will eat eggs and bread. It builds its nest in trees instead of burrowing in the earth.
This is the Tea Plant, which grows in China where our tea comes from.

Gathering Grapes

The Ant Eater is a native of South America. It is a singular animal with a long snout, small mouth and no teeth. Its tongue is very long, covered with saliva and when penetrated into an Ant hill, they will adhere to it and by retracing it, he swallows thousands of them. They are extremely useful in diminishing the countless swarms of Ants which exist in South America. There are three species of this animal.—The smallest is not much larger than a Rat; the next about the size of the Fox, and the third a stout and powerful animal, and masures about six feet.

The Palm or Date tree exists in Asia. In ancient times Jericho was called the city of Palms.


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