Christian Martyrdom in Russia/Chapter VI

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From this time a long history of arrest, imprisonment and banishment begins. A friend before alluded to in Tiflis writes:—

"From the accounts of the Spirit-Wrestlers, among other things, this very characteristic fact becomes clear: the military authorities have no desire whatever to listen to their explanations as to the causes of their refusal to engage in military service, and they even peremptorily prohibit them from talking about it. The Spirit-Wrestlers of the 'Great Party' were summoned to the recruiting offices in the following places, in Suram, Dushet, and Signak, and everywhere they finally refused to draw the lots, although every one of them appeared at the recruiting stations.

"The General Surovtzeflf, in conversation with them, said, 'You do not fulfil the law of the Emperor'; they answered, 'As for this law, we are only told about it, but for some reason or other we do not see it. What is the use of a law if it can be bought? Here is the chief of the Kars district, Shegoubatoff, who took a thousand roubles from a man, who applied for a certificate, excusing his son from military service.' And Shegoubatoff himself was present, and stood Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/77 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/78 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/79 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/80 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/81 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/82 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/83 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/84 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/85 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/86 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/87 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/88 Page:Chertkov - Christian Martyrdom.djvu/89