Chronicle of the Grey friars of London/Johannes Rex

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Kynge Johan, brothar unto Rychard, was crownyd upon the Assencion daye, the yere of our Lord God Mlclxxxxix.

Pi.o. In this furst yere he lost Normandy and Angeoy, and every ploughe lond tasked at iijs for to gete it a gayne.

ijo. Ao. Thys yere was chosyn by the wyse men of the citte of London xxxv. men, and sworne to mayntayne the assies in London.

iiijo. Ao. Thys yere felle gret raynes, and gret thunder, lytenyng, and hayle-stones as grete as eggys, that dystroyd cornes [and] fruttes; and fowlles seying[1] flyeng in the eyer berynge burnynge coles, and brent many huses (sic). And that yere the londe was enterdyted.

vjo. Ao. Thys yere began the order of Freer Prechars. And then was a grete wynter of frost and colde that lastyd from new-yeres daye unto our lady day the Annunciacion.

vijo. Ao. This yere alle pleys longynge un to the crowne ware pletyd at the tower of London.

ixo. Ao. Thys yere the londe was interdytyd. And this same yere was borne Henry the [eldest] sonne to kynge John. And this yere beganne the names of mayeres and shreffys in the citte of London.

xjo. Ao. Thys yere the londe was reconciled, and the interdyction relesyd.

xiijo. Ao. Thys yere was grete dyscencione betwene the kynge and hys lordes; and Lewys the kynges sonne of France dyd moch harme in Ynglond. Southewarke the bregge with moch of the citte was brent.

xvo. Ao. Thys yere at Candelmas the kynge sheppyd at Porthesmothe, and sayled to Peytoe.[2]

xvjo. Ao. Thys yere beganne the Freer Minors in Ynglond.

  1. This word should be seen. Compare a similar passage in Nicolas's Chronicle of London.
  2. Poictou.