Church of Ireland letter on new Irish Free State

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In the striking and hopeful utterance of Mr. T. M. Healy, K.C., the new Governor-General of Southern Ireland, it is reported that he said, "I am informed, and I think that it is a good omen, that the attempt to separate the Protestant Church body in the North from the rest of Ireland was defeated in the General Synod." It is not always easy to know what is meant by the Protestant Church, but the reference to the 'General Synod' seems to show that Mr. Healy was referring to the Church of Ireland. It is necessary that I should immediately state, and in the most emphatic way, that he has been misinformed. No attempt was made by any section or any member of the Church of Ireland to separate their Church in the North from their Church in the rest of Ireland. Nothing could be more abhorrent to every member of our Church, both North and South, than to create such a division. No question having the slightest connexion with such division ever came before the General Synod. The fact is that political divisions cannot break the unity of the Church. And in saying this I know I speak the mind of every member of the Church, of every bishop, of every clergyman, and of every layman, whether in the North or in the South.