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Cicero de Senectute (on old age)  (1884)  by Marcus Tullius Cicero, translated by Andrew Preston Peabody

English translation of the Latin original, completed in 44 BC.


Agriculture, pleasures of, 39.
Appius Claudius, old age of, 12, 27.
Aristo of Chios, treatise of, on old age, 3.
Attic us, Titus Pomponius, parentage of, xvi.
character of, xvii.
manners of, xviii.
learning of, xviii.
Augurs, respect of the, for old age, 49.
Authority of old age, 49.

Cato, Marcus Porcius, character of, xxi.
estimate of, by Livy, xxii.
mode of living of, xxiii.
military career of, xxiv.
conduct of, as Censor, xxv.
litigious habits of, xxvi.
literary culture of, xxvii.
the De Re Rustica of. xxvii.
vigor in old age of, 14, 28.
learning Greek in old age, 20.
enjoying moderate festivities, 34.

Cicero, how situated when this treatise was written, viii.
correspondence of, with Atticus, xix.
Cincinnatus, called from the plough, 43.
Corvus, Manius, old age of, 47.
Cyrus the elder, last words of, 60.
Cyrus the younger, horticulture of, 45.

Death, fear of, 50.
impending over the young as well as the old, 51.
natural and easy in old age, 54.
examples of the contempt of, 55.
De Senectute, the, when written, v.
referred to in Cicero's other works, vi.
sources of, vii.

Ennius, quoted, 1.
old age of, 11.
Epicurus, as described by Cineas, 32.

Fabius Maximus, old age of, 8.
Farm life, charms of, 43.
suited to old age, 44.
Flamininus, Lucius, flagitious conduct of, 31.

Gorgias, old age of, 11.
Grain fields, beauty of, 40.

Immortality, reasons for, 56.
hope of, 60.
Irritability, alleged, of old age, 49.
Isocrates, old age of, 11.

Laelius, Caius, character of, xxviii.
writings of, xxix.
Livy, character of Cato by, xxii.

Massinissa, vigorous old age of, 25.
Memory, not necessarily impaired by age, 16

Occatio, derivation of, 40 n.
Old age, said to creep on one insidiously, 4.
alleged evils of, chargeable to character, 6.
does not cut one off from the management of affairs, 12.
bodily strength often unimpaired by, 20.
to be actively resisted, 26.
said to lack the pleasures of sense, 29.
compatible with intellectual activity, 37.

Plato, old age of, 11.
argument of, for immortality, 58.
Pythagoras, belief of, in immortality, 57.

Scipio Africanus Minor, military career of, xxx.
conduct of, as Censor, xxxi.
death of, xxxi.
Sophocles, mental vigor of, in old age, 17.
rejoicing in freedom from the tyranny of appetite, 36.
Succidia, meaning of, 44 n.

Tali, 45 n.
Tesserae, 45 n.

Vines, beauty of, 41.
Viatores, derivation of, 43 n.

Xenophon, books of, commended, 45.
story of Cyrus the younger, from the Oeconomicus of, 46.
last words of Cyrus the elder, from the Cyropaedia of. 58.

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