Circular on April 24 1915

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Circular on April 24 1915  (1915) 
by Mehmed Talat Paşha‎

Ministry of Interior

General Directorate of National Police Organization

3052 Private Secretary

To the Ottoman Army Commander-in-Chief

Following is the copy of the note from the Office of the Prime Minister to the Office of the Commander-in-Chief

Your Highness

Armenian committees with their political revolutionary organizations on the Ottoman lands have long been pursuing to gain an administrative autonomy and this desire is displayed once more, in no uncertain terms, with the inclusion of the Russian Armenians who have assumed a position against us together with the Daschnak Committee in no time in the regions of Zeytûn, Bitlis, Sivas, and Van in accordance with the decisions they have previously taken – pertaining to inciting of upheavals with all their forces at every opportunity to hinder the welfare and the future of the country – when the Ottoman Army was in its weakest position and was already engaged in war. With the discovery of the bombs, and the Ottoman Armenians’ joining with the Russian forces by forming voluntary regiments against the Ottoman State, it has become evident that these committees, whose administrative centers are in Europe, bearing the adjective of “revolutionary” in their titles have gathered around Kayseri, Sivas and in other provinces in order to incite upheavals in the regions behind and to threat the Ottoman Army at every opportunity through their attempts, organizations, and publications.

Consequently, the government has taken measures to prevent the continuation of these events and organizations, which are the dens of mischief, thoroughly as previously declared. The immediate closing down of the branches of the Nubar’s Hinjack and Tashnak committees as well as of the similar organizations in the capital and in other provinces, seizing of all the documents and the material without any loses, arresting of the leaders and the members of the committees, of the people who have taken part in the activities, of the Armenians who are well known by the police forces, gathering of the suspicious people in an area in the towns so as to prevent their escape, launching of researches for weapons in suitable places have been found appropriate. Furthermore, for any inconvenience that might arise the commanders should be consulted. The measures taken shall be realized justly; and should there be any arrests after the thorough investigations of the documents the criminals shall be sent to the military courts immediately. Should you approve, I hereby kindly request the issuing of the necessary orders.

April 24, 1915
Minister of Internal Affairs