City Council Urges Champions' Day

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City Council Urges Champions' Day

City of Detroit


By Councilman Van Antwerp

Whereas, the people of the City of Detroit have during the last year had many occasions to rejoice in the fame and glory brought to the City through the winning of numerous sport championship, espeically the World's Championship won by our Detroit Tigers, the Professional Football Championship, and

Whereas, the people of the City of Detroit take great pride in the accomplishments of Joe Louis who started his remarkable rise in the sporting fraternity in the amateur ranks of our city, and

Whereas, we are now celebrating the winning of the Prince of Wales, Oke and Stanley Cups by the two hockey teams representing our city, namely the Olympics and Red Wings, therefore be it

Resolved, that this Common Council does hereby designate Saturday, April 18th. as Championship Day to be officially recognized as such, in honor of the athletic teams of the City of Detroit all of which have brought great renown to our city.

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