Clerk of the Council Act 1859

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Clerk of the Council Act 1859  (1859) 

An Act to provide for the Authentication of certain Orders of the Privy Council in the Absence of the Clerk of the Council in Ordinary. [21st July 1859]

Whereas certain orders of Her Majesty’s Privy Council are by the Acts of Parliament which provide for the issue thereof required to be certified or authenticated under the hand of the clerk in ordinary of the said Council, and delay and inconvenience may arise in the event of such clerk in ordinary being prevented by illness or otherwise from the discharge of his duty:

1. Whenever Her Majesty shall, with the advice of her Privy Council, make provision for the performance of the duties of the clerk of the said Council in ordinary in the event of his absence, any person acting under the authority of the Order in Council in this behalf shall, in relation as well to the signing, certifying, and issuing of Orders of Her Majesty in Council, or of the lords and others of Her Majesty’s Privy Council, under any Acts of Parliament, as to the other duties of the office, have and perform all the powers and functions and be in the place of the clerk of the said Council in ordinary.

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