Cold Fusion Research

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Cold Fusion Research

November 1989

A Report of the Energy Research Advisory Board to
the United States Department of Energy

Washington, DC 20585


DOE/S-0073 DE90 005611

Table of Contents
Cover Letter, J.W. Landis to Secretary Watkins n/a
Cover Letter, J.R. Huizenga to J.W. Landis n/a
Energy Research Advisory Board i
Cold Fusion Panel ii
Executive Summary 1
I. Introduction 5
II. Calorimetry and Excess Heat 9
III. Fusion Products 15
IV. Materials Characterization 32
V. Conclusions and Recommendations 36
Appendix 1.A Charge Letter 39
Appendix 1.B Panel Meetings 40
Appendix 2.A Early Chronology of Heat Production 41
Appendix 2.B Types of Calorimeters Employed in Studies 43
Appendix 2.C Experimental Problems in the Evaluation of Heat Effects 44
Appendix 2.D Large Heat Bursts 50
Appendix 3.A Neutron Detection 51
Appendix 3.B Considerations in Tritium Concentrations 52
Appendix 4 Materials for Cold Fusion 53
Bibliography 62

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