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DOVER, a city, capital of the State of Delaware, and county-seat of Kent co.; on Jones creek, and the Philadelphia, Washington, and Baltimore railroad, 75 miles S. of Philadelphia. It is the seat of Wilmington Conference Academy and has a handsome monument erected to the memory of Cæsar Rodney, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It is the center of a great fruit-growing region; is on high ground; is laid out with wide, straight streets that cross each other at right angles; and is built up chiefly with brick. Among its noteworthy buildings are a handsome State house, large court house, and new United States Government building. Connected with the State house is a State library with upward of 80,000 volumes. There are several churches, a National and a State bank, fruit evaporating and packing establishments, steam flour mill, foundry, machine shop, and sash, fruit crate, glass, and carriage factories.