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Ewald, Georg Heinrich August von

EWALD, GEORG HEINRICH AUGUST VON (ā'valt) , a German Orientalist and Biblical critic; born in Göttingen, Nov. 16, 1803. After studying at the university there, in 1827 he became extraordinary, in 1831 ordinary Professor of Theology, and in 1835 Professor of Oriental Languages. In 1837 he lost his chair at Göttingen on account of his protest against the king's abrogation of the liberal constitution, became Professor of Theology at Tübingen, but in 1848 returned to his old chair at Göttingen. When Hanover was annexed by Prussia in 1866 he became a zealous defender of the rights of the ex-king. Among his chief works are the following: “Complete Course of the Hebrew Language”; “The Poetical Books of the Old Testament”; “History of the People of Israel”; “Antiquities of the People of Israel.” The history is considered his greatest work. He died in Göttingen, May 5, 1875.