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Gregory, Augusta (Lady)

GREGORY, AUGUSTA (LADY). Irish authoress, née Persse. In 1880 she married Sir W. H. Gregory, whose autobiography she edited in 1894. She became interested in the Irish literary movement and finally published “Cuchulain of Muirthemne” and “Gods and Fighting Men,” translations and paraphrases of old Irish epics which created much stir, by their idiom modeled on old Gaelic and the powerful breath of romance contained in them. She helped to establish in 1899 the Irish Literary Theater, now the Abbey Theater. Her chief books, including plays are: “The Kiltartan History Book”; “Poets and Dreamers”; “Visions and Beliefs”; “The White Cockade”; “The Full Moon”; “Seven Short Plays”; “Irish Folk History Plays”; “New Comedies.”