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HOFFMAN, or HOFFMANN, the name of several Germans distinguished for their medical knowledge. Moritz Hoffmann, a German scientist; born in Fürstenwalde, Brandenburg, in 1621; settled at Altorf , where he held the professorships of anatomy, botany, and physic; was the discoverer of the pancreatic duct; died in 1698. Friedrich Hoffman, a German physician; born in Halle, Saxony, 1660. He studied and lectured at Jena, and afterward practiced at Minden. On the establishment of the University of Halle, he was appointed primary professor of medicine and natural philosophy; and thrice held the situation of rector. He was elected a member of various scientific associations in London, Berlin, and St. Petersburg; and appointed physician to the King of Prussia. His works include “System of Rational Medicine” and “Consultary Medicine.” He died in 1742.