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JACOB, the son of Isaac and Rebecca, the grandson of the Jewish patriarch Abraham, and the twin, but younger brother of Esau, was the father of 12 sons, from whom the 12 tribes of Israel were descended. He was the favorite of his mother, by whose advice he imposed upon his father, and obtained his blessing, having before taken an advantage of Esau, by purchasing his birthright. To avoid his brother's fury, he fled to Padanaram, where he resided with his uncle Laban, whom he served 14 years for his daughters Leah and Rachel. He afterward returned to Canaan with great wealth, and a reconciliation took place between him and his brother Esau. His name was altered to Israel by an angel; whence his posterity have been called Israelites. He lived to the age of 147 years. He died in the land of Goshen, about 1680 B. C.