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JAY, the popular name of Garrulus glandarius, a species of Corvidæ, of a vinous red color; the back pale gray; the rump and upper tail coverts white; the tail black or gray, with bluish-gray bars; the wing coverts light gray; the bastard wing or primary coverts barred with black or bright cobalt blue; head with an erectile crest; forehead white, streaked with black. Length about 13 inches. It is a beautiful bird, but attacks peas and other garden crops. It also eats worms, larvæ, and snails. It is often kept as a cage bird. The common blue jay, Cyanocitta cristata, is found over a large portion of North America. The green jay of the United States is Xanthura luxuosa. The long-tailed blue jays are also arranged under Xanthura, though they have not the yellow tail which the generic name suggests.