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MÜLLER, FRIEDRICH MAX, a German philologist; born in Dessau, Germany, Dec. 6, 1823; son of Wilhelm Müller, the German poet; was educated at the Universities of Berlin and Leipsic; removed to England in 1846; and was Professor of Comparative Philology at the University of Oxford in 1868-1875. He was the editor or translator of “Hitopadesa” (1844); the “Rig-Vedas” (6 vols. 1849-1874); etc., and the author of “A History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature” (1859); “Lectures on the Science of Languages” (1861-1864); “Chips from a German Workshop” (1868-1875); “Lectures on the Science of Religion” (1870); etc. He died in Oxford, England, Oct. 28, 1900.