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Montalembert, Charles Forbes René, Comte de

MONTALEMBERT (ng-tä-long-bār′), CHARLES FORBES RENÉ, COMTE DE, a French publicist; born in London, England, May 29, 1810. His father was a French émigré, his mother English. Till 1819 Montalembert's education was carried on in England; but it was concluded in Paris. At the age of 20 he enthusiastically supported Lamennais and Lacordaire in their movement to promote liberty within the Church until “L'Avenir” (The Future), the organ of the movement, was condemned by an encyclical letter from the Pope. In 1835 he took his seat in the chamber of peers, and his ability soon made him famous. After the revolution of 1848 he was elected a member of the National Assembly. He was at first inclined to support Napoleon III., but was soon alienated by the policy of that emperor. Of his numerous writings the chief are: “Monks of the West” (1860-1868); “Life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary” (1836); and “Political Future of England” (1855); “From St. Benedict to St. Bernard” (1895). He died in Paris, France, March 13, 1870.