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MORE, HANNAH, an English author; born in Stapleton, Gloucestershire, England, Feb. 2, 1745. She wrote verses at an early age, and in 1762 she published "The Search after Happiness," a pastoral drama. In 1773 she went on a visit to London, and was introduced to the Garricks, Dr. Johnson, Burke, Sir Joshua Reynolds. She wrote two tales in verse, and two tragedies, "Percy" and "The Fatal Secret." After the publication of her "Sacred Dramas" she retired to Cowslip Green, near Bristol, where she did much to improve the condition of the poor in her neighborhood by establishing schools. Her novel, "Cœlebs in Search of a Wife," and a tract called "The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain," are some of the most popular of her works. She died in Clifton, England, Sept. 7, 1833.