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NEWBERN, a city, port of entry, and county-seat of Craven co., N. C.; at the junction of the Neuse and Trent rivers; and on the Atlantic Coast Line and the Norfolk Southern railroads; 108 miles E. S. E. of Raleigh. It has steamship communication with Norfolk, Baltimore, and New York. Here are a public library, and several National and State banks. The city exports fish, cotton, turpentine, lumber, vegetables, and naval stores. It has grist and sawmills, turpentine distilleries, carriage and tobacco factories, manufactories of agricultural implements, etc. During the early part of the Civil War Newborn was strongly fortified by the Confederates, but on March 14, 1862, it fell into the hands of General Bumside, after a sharp action. Pop. (1910) 9,901; (1920) 12,198.