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NEWBERRY, TRUMAN HANDY, United States Senator from Michigan. Born in Detroit, Nov. 5, 1864, and graduated from Yale University in 1885. In the same year he became the General Freight and Passenger Agent of the Detroit, Bay City and Alpena railway. Later he became constructing engineer for many large Michigan firms, and served as president or director of many of them. He took a great interest in the Navy and served in it during the Spanish-American War. In 1905 he became Assistant Secretary of the Navy and later, for a brief period at the close of Roosevelt's administration, Secretary of the Navy. In 1919 he was elected United States Senator on the Republican ticket against Henry Ford, his Democratic antagonist. Charges of bribery were made by Mr. Ford, and in 1920 a Michigan jury convicted Newberry of having obtained his seat by unlawful methods. The verdict was reversed, and he took his seat.