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NEWNHAM COLLEGE, an institution for the higher education of women at Cambridge, England. It may be said to have commenced in 1871, when the Newnham Hall Company opened a house for five resident women students. The numbers steadily increased, and in 1875 Newnham Hall was built, providing rooms for the principal, a lecturer, and 26 students. Scholarships were given by the London Companies and private friends, the library grew, a chemical laboratory and gymnasium were added, and the machinery of the college became more and more complete till, in 1879, the Newnham Hall Company was amalgamated with the Association for the Promotion of the Higher Education of Women. Additional land was acquired, and gradually three other halls were added. In 1919 there were 18 resident and numerous non-resident teachers and 240 students. In 1881 the University of Cambridge opened to students of Newnham its tripos and previous examinations, and also extended to them all the other scholastic privileges of the university, except that certificates only instead of degrees are granted to them.