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PITTSTON, a city in Luzerne co., Pa., on the Susquehanna river, and on the Lehigh Valley, the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley, the Lackawanna and other railroads; 9 miles S. W. of Scranton. Here are waterworks, gas and electric lights, several banks, and a number of daily and weekly newspapers. It is chiefly a mining town, though there are several manufacturing industries, including a knitting mill, a silk mill, foundries and stove, car-wheel, engine, and iron roofing works. The city was settled about 1770, was incorporated as a borough in 1853, and became a city of the third class in 1894. Pittston has an assessed property valuation of nearly $1,500,000. Pop. (1910) 16,267; (1920) 18,497.