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ROBIN, AMERICAN, or MIGRATING THRUSH, the Turdus migratorius; specific character dark-ash color; beneath, brownish-red; head and tail black; the two exterior feathers of the latter white at the inner tip. The robin is found in summer throughout North America from Alaska to Mexico. They retire from higher latitudes only as their food begins to fail, or till driven S. by inundating snows. During the winter months they are numerous in the Southern States. Even as far N. as Boston robins are sometimes seen in the depth of winter. Toward the close of January the robin is still in South Carolina, and about the second week of March begins to appear in the Middle States. By the 10th of March they may also be heard in New England. The eggs, about five, are of a bluish-green, and without spots. They raise several broods in a season.