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ROOSEVELT, QUENTIN, an American aviator, youngest son of Theodore Roosevelt (q. v.), born at Oyster Bay, N. Y., in 1897. At the entrance of the United States into the World War he at once enlisted in the aviation service and, after training, was assigned to the American Air Force in France. On July 14, 1918, he war flying with an American squadron, when it was suddenly attacked by German aeroplanes. A struggle ensued which culminated in a duel between Lieutenant Roosevelt and a German non-commissioned officer. The latter succeeded in so injuring Lieutenant Roosevelt's machine that it fell near the village of Chamery, about six miles north of the Marne. Lieutenant Roosevelt was found to have been shot through the head. He was buried with military honors by the German airmen and in 1920 the area in which his body lay was given to Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt by the French Government.

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