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SCHEFFER, ARY, a French painter, son of Johann Baptist (a German historical painter); born in Dordrecht, Holland, Feb. 12, 1795; studied under Guérin in Paris, and began his artistic career as a painter of genre pictures. Under the influence of the romanticism of the early 19th century he produced numerous pieces illustrative of Goethe's, Byron's, and Dante's works, such as “Margaret at the Well,” “Faust in His Study,” and “Dante and Beatrice in Heaven.” Shortly after 1835 he turned to religious subjects, and painted “Christus Remunerator,” “Christus Consolator,” “The Temptation of Christ,” “St. Augustine and Monica,” etc. His best portraits were of the Duchess de Broglie, Prince Talleyrand, Queen Amélie, Liszt, La Fayette, Béranger, and Lamartine. He died in Argenteuil, near Paris, June 15, 1858.