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SCHLESWIG or SLESWICK, a seaport of Prussia, in the province of Schleswig-Holstein; situated on the W. end of the Schlei, a narrow inlet of the Baltic Sea; 70 miles N. W. of Hamburg. It was an important port and seat of trade as early as 800. It contains a church founded in 850, the ducal castle of Gottorp, a fine cathedral, and deaf and dumb and lunatic asylums. Among the manufactures are lace, woolen goods, earthenware, leather, and sugar. Seven annual fairs are held here. In April, 1848, Schleswig was occupied in turn by the Danes and the Allies; in July, 1850, was regained by the Danes; in February, 1864, was occupied by the Austrians; and in 1867 came into possession of Prussia. Pop. about 20,000.