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SEWARD PENINSULA, the most western part of Alaska. It has an area of about 22,700 square miles. The coast is low, but there are hills in the interior which are covered with forests of spruce. It includes an important gold mining region, including Nome, Anvil Creek, and Ophir Creek. The gold is obtained almost entirely from placer mining and over $70,000,000 worth has been taken from the district. The production in 1919 was near $6,000,000. The peninsula is divided into five mining districts, Nome, Council, Kougarok, Fairhaven, and Port Clarence. In recent years gold lodes have been discovered, and placer mining is being superceded. Tin is found in the Cape York region. Coal also exists but has not yet been mined. Nome is the chief settlement. Others are Candle, Deering, Teller, Wales, and Sinuk.