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WISTAR, CASPAR, an American physician; born in Philadelphia, Pa. Sept. 13, 1761; received a classical education; was graduated at the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1782; spent several years in England and Scotland; and returning to the United States in 1787 he began practice in his native city. He was Professor of Chemistry and Physiology at the College of Philadelphia in 1789-1792. In the latter year that institution was united with the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, and he was there Adjunct Professor of Anatomy, Midwifery, and Surgery in 1792-1808; then became Professor of Anatomy and held the chair till his death. He was the first to show that the posterior portion of the ethmoid bone was attached to the triangular bones. He opened his house once a week for meetings of students, travelers, scientists, and citizens. These symposiums were long continued after Dr. Wistar's death, being known as the Wistar parties. Dr. Wistar became a member of the American Philosophical Society in 1787, and succeeded Thomas Jefferson as president in 1815. He was the author of “A System of Anatomy, for the Use of Students of Medicine.” He died in Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 22, 1818.

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