Confessio Amantis

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Confessio Amantis  (14th century) 
by John Gower

Confessio Amantis (trans. The Lover’s Confession) is a 33,000-line Middle English poem by John Gower, [wherein] the confession made by an ageing lover to the chaplain of Venus [is used] as a frame story for a collection of shorter narrative poems . . . composed at the request of Richard II.” Excerpted from Confessio Amantis on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Incipit Liber Primus

Incipit Liber Secundus

Incipit Liber Tercius

Incipit Liber Quartus

Incipit Liber Quintus

Incipit Liber Sextus

Incipit Liber Septimus

Incipit Liber Octavus


The Works of John Gower (1330–1408 A.D.), ed. Professor G. C. Macauley (Oxford, 1901).

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.