Constab Ballads/Flat-Foot Drill

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To de music wid a good will
Fus' beginnin', flat-foot drill,
"'Tention! keep you' hban's dem still,
Can't you tek in dat a li'l?
Hearin' all, but larnin' none.

"But seems unno all do'n-ca',
Won't mek up you' min' fe larn;
Drill-instructor boun' fe swea',
Dealin' wid you' class all day,
Neber see such from A barn.

"Right tu'n, you damn' bungo brut'
Do it so, you mountain man;
Car' behin' de bluff lef foot,
Seems frighten fe de boot!
Whyyou won't keep do'n you' han'?

Shet you' mout'! A wan' no chat
Fabour say you pick up nong,[1]
Sence you nyamin' Depot fat
An' 'top sleep 'pon so-so mat,
But A mean fe pull you' tongue.[2]

"Wonder when unno wi' fit
Fe move up in-a fus' squad,
Use carbine an' bayonet!
Wait dough,––unno wi' larn yet,––
Me wi' drill you ti' you mad."

  1. It seems you are getting "beany" now.
  2. so that you can't talk.