Constitution of the Republic of Poland

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Constitution of the Republic of Poland (1997)
6055Constitution of the Republic of Poland1997

The Constitution of the Republic of Poland


Having regard for the existence and future of our Homeland,

Which recovered, in 1989, the possibility of a sovereign and democratic determination of its fate,

We, the Polish Nation - all citizens of the Republic,

Both those who believe in God as the source of truth, justice, good and beauty,

As well as those not sharing such faith but drawing those universal values from other sources,

Equal in rights and obligations towards the common good - Poland,

Beholden to our ancestors for their labours, their struggle for independence achieved at great sacrifice, for our culture rooted in the Christian heritage of the Nation and in universal human values,

Recalling the best traditions of the First and the Second Republic,

Obliged to bequeath to future generations all that is valuable from our over one thousand years' heritage,

Bound in community with our compatriots dispersed throughout the world,

Aware of the need for cooperation with all countries for the good of the Human Family,

Mindful of the bitter experiences of the times when fundamental freedoms and human rights were violated in our Homeland,

Desiring to guarantee the rights of the citizens for all time, and to ensure diligence and efficiency in the work of public bodies,

Recognizing our responsibility before God or our own consciences,

Hereby establish this Constitution of the Republic of Poland as the basic law for the State, based on respect for freedom and justice, cooperation between the public powers, social dialogue as well as on the principle of subsidiarity in the strengthening the powers of citizens and their communities.

We call upon all those who will apply this Constitution for the good of the Third Republic to do so paying respect to the inherent dignity of the person, his or her right to freedom, the obligation of solidarity with others, and respect for these principles as the unshakeable foundation of the Republic of Poland.

  1. The Republic
  2. The Freedoms, Rights and Obligations of Persons and Citizens
  3. Sources of Law
  4. The Sejm and the Senate
  5. The President of the Republic of Poland
  6. The Council of Ministers and Government Administration
  7. Local Government
  8. Courts and Tribunals
  9. Organs of State Control and for Defence of Rights
  10. Public Finances
  11. Extraordinary Measures
  12. Amending the Constitution
  13. Final and Transitional Provisions

Source: Polish Sejm