Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago/Chapter 10

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The Integrity Commission[edit]

138.- 1. There shall be an Integrity Commission (in this section and in section 139 referred to as "the Commission") for Trinidad and Tobago consisting of such number of members, qualified and appointed in such manner and holding office upon such tenure as may be prescribed.

2. The Commission shall be charged with the duty of-

a. receiving from time to time, declarations in writing of the assets, liabilities and income of members of the House of Representatives, Ministers of Government, Parliamentary Secretaries, Senators, Judges, Magistrates, Permanent Secretaries, Chief Technical Officers, Members of the Tobago House of Assembly, Members of Municipalities, Members of Local Government Authorities and members of the Boards of all Statutory Bodies, State Enterprises and the holders of such other offices as may be prescribed.

b. the supervision of all matters connected therewith as may be prescribed;

c. the supervision and monitoring of standards of ethical conduct prescribed by Parliament to be observed by the holders of offices referred to in paragraph (a), as well as members of the Diplomatic Service, Advisers to the Government and any person appointed by a Service Commission or the Statutory Authorities' Service Commission;

d. the monitoring and investigating of conduct, practices and procedures which are dishonest or corrupt.

Power to Make Laws Relating to Commission[edit]

139.- Subject to this Constitution, Parliament may make provision for-

a. the procedure in accordance with which the Commission is to perform its functions;

b. conferring such powers on the Commission and imposing such duties on persons concerned as are necessary to enable the Commission to carry out effectively the purposes of section 138;

c. the proper custody of declarations and other documents delivered to the Commission;

d. the maintenance of secrecy in respect of all information received by the Commission in the course of its duties with respect to the assets, liabilities and income of any member of Parliament and any other person;

da. the preparation by the Commission, of a Register of Interests for public inspection.

e. generally to give effect to the provisions of section 138.