Coronation Oath Act 1567

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Coronation Oath Act 1567 (c.8)

Item Because that the incres of vertew and suppressing of Idolatrie crauis that the Prince and the peple be of ane perfyte Religioun quhilk of Goddis mercie is now presentlie professit within this Realme Thairfoir it is statute and ordanit be our Souerane Lord my Lord Regent and thre Estatis of this present Parliament that all Kingis and Princes or magistratis quhatsumeuer halding thair place quhilkis heirefter in ony tyme sall happin to Regne and beir reule ouer this Realme at the tyme of thair coronatioun and ressait of thair princely authoritie mak thair faithfull promise be aith in presence of the eternall God that induring the haill cours of their lyfe thay sall serue the samin eternall God to the vttermaist of thair power according as he hes requyrit in his maist haly word reuelit and contenit in the new and auld Testamentis And according to the samin word sall mantene the trew Religioun of Jesus Christ the preicheing of his haly word and dew and rycht ministratioun of the Sacramentis now ressaifit and preichit within this Realme And sall abolische and gainstand all fals Religioun contrare to the samin And sall reule the pepill committit to thair charge according to the will and command of God reuelit in his foirsaid word and according to the louabill Lawis and constitutiounis ressaifit in this Realme nawyse repugnant to the said word of the eternall God And sall procure to the vttermaist of thair power to the Kirk of God and haill cristiane pepil trew and perfyte peice in all tyme cuming The rychtis and rentis with all iust priuilegeis of the Crowne of Scotland to preserue and keip inuiolatit nouther sal thay transfer nor alienat the samin Thay sal forbid and repres in all Estatis and degreis reif oppressioun and all kynde of wrang In all Jugementis thay sall command and procure that Justice and equitie be keipit to all creaturis without exceptioun as the Lord and father of all mercyis be mercifull to thame And out of thair landis and Empyre thay salbe cairfull to ruite out all Heretykis and enemeis to the trew worschip of God that salbe conuict be the trew Kirk of God of the foirsaidis crymis And that thay sall faithfullie affirme the thingis abone writtin be thair solempnit aith


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