Cousin Jedediah

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Cousin Jedediah (1863)
by H. S. Thompson

A minstrel song published in 1863.

140364Cousin Jedediah1863H. S. Thompson

Oh! Jacob, get the cows home and put them in the pen,
For the Cousins are coming to see us all again,
The dowdy's in the pan, and the Turkey's on the fire,
And we all must get ready for cousin Jedediah.

Cousin Jedediah,
There's Hezekiah,
And Asariah,
And Aunt Sopia,
And Jedediah,
All coming here to tea,
Oh! wont we have a jolly time,
Oh! wont we have a jolly time,
Jerusha put the kettle on,
We'll all take tea.

Now Obed wash you face boy, and tallow up your shoes,
While I got to see Aunt Betty, and tell her all the news,
And Kitty slick you hair, and put on you sunday gown,
For cousin Jedediah comes right from Boston town.


And Job you peel the onions, and wash and fix the taters,
We'll have them on the table in these shiny painted waiters,
Put on you bran new boots, and those trousers with the straps,
Aunt Sophia'll take a shine to you, if you look real slick, perhaps.


Tell Josh to put the colt in the double seated chaise,
Let him just card down the cattle, give him a little hay,
I'll wear my nice new bell-crown I bought of old Uriah,
And I guess we'll astonish our cousin Jedediah.