Curtis's Botanical Magazine/Volume 45/1947

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Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Volume 45 by John Sims
1947 Banksia marginata (β) microstachya
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( 1947 )
Banksia marginata (β) microstachya. Green-flowered, various-leaved


Class and Order.

Tetandria Monogynia.

Generic Character.

Cor. 1-petala. Stam. apicibus concavis corollæ immersa.
Squamulæ hypogynæ. Folliculus ligneus, 2-locularis:
loculis monospermis; dissepimento libero, bifido. Amentum
flosculorum paribus tribracteatis. Brown,

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Banksia marginata; foliis linearibus truncatis mucronu-
latis integerrimis dentatisve: venulis subtus inconspicuis,
ramis ultimis hirsutis, bracteiss amenti apice glabris:
majoribus acutis, caule fruticoso. Brown Prodr. Fl. Nov.
Holl. p. 392. Linn. Trans. v. 10. p. 204. Hort. Kew.
ed. alt. v. 1 p. 213.
α. Frutex erectus orgyalis, amento foliis plerumque integris
Banksia marginata. Cavan. Ic. 6. p. 29. t. 544.
β Frutex erectus orgyalis, foliis spinulosi-dentatis plani-
usculis amento quandoque longiribus.
Banksia microstachya. Cavan. Ic. 6. p. 28. t. 541. excluso
synonymo Linn.
γ Frutex humilis diffusus, foliis spinuloso-dentatis planiusculis
cuneatis amento longioribus.

The leaves of these plants are so subject to vary in
form, especially in the degree of dentation, that so little
dependence can be placed upon this character, that Mr.
Brown pointed out to us a specimen containing the foliage
of integrifolia, oleæfolia, and glauca of Cavanilles, all
growing on the same plant; the reticulated veins on the
undersurface, conspicuous through the tomentum in australis,
distinguishes that species, and some others, from all the va-
rieties of marginata, in none of which is there any visible

Communicated by our friend Edward Gray, Esq. of
Haringay-House, in March last.